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The Team

Who We Are


Jessica Iozzo

Founder & Master Extension Stylist

When I started this business, I personally experienced the power that hair can have on our confidence and overall well being. Prioritizing helping people to reach their full potential, my aim is to improve the beauty world and promote self- worth. I am all about rising to the challenge, making a positive impact and seeking to protect and inspire others. My goal is to bring confidence back to my client sitting in my chair. Whether they are dealing with hair loss, lack of volume or simply wanting to enhance their hair - my goal is to deliver amazing results to every client and have them leave feeling more confident than when they came in.

Specializing in "fine bonds" and developing my own method of working with keratin extensions, I am optimistic in our signature service and products - setting my team and I apart from others. Known for my attention to detail both in installations and customer service—I strive to create a bond with all my clients by transforming their hair and in turn, their confidence. 

416 - 992 - 4202

Tiffany Rumeo

Senior Extension Stylist

From Jessica's former client to her current employee of 6+ years, extensions have been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. Although I love all things extensions, I have to say my favourite method is keratin bonds because, well, we do work at BOND girl... but no - for real, they're so light, so discreet and in my opinion, the most natural-looking and feeling method hands down. The best part about what I do is getting to meet new people and make lasting BONDS with both old and new clients. I'm known around the salon for having the wildest stories and overuse of the word "boo", it's no doubt that we'll have a blast in my chair!


Jamie Churgwin

Senior Extension Stylist

With over 12 years of experience installing hair extensions, it’s safe to say that I love the art of it all! Every client walks in with a different challenge and unique look they have in mind, and I thrive on the thrill of figuring out how I can create it.  Favourite topics for chats: LoveIsland (the obsession is real), all things travel (let me live vicariously through you), a great curated ear (will not shut up about this) and anything fashion (to enable my shopping addiction a little more). When a client walks out with an extra bounce in her step and a glam hair flick, it gives me great pride in knowing this is why I do it! Can't wait to meet you! 

Brianna Palermo

Junior Extension Stylist

Hi bond babes! I'm Brianna, but everyone calls me "Bri." I first started at Bond Girl working alongside Jess running and managing the business behind the scenes,  but after seeing all these beautiful hair transformations, I quickly developed a love for hair extensions. I now work on the floor full-time, and I've never once looked back! My personal favourite extension method are tapes simply because of the full-looking effect they give, all while being super comfortable to wear. Anyone that knows me knows that I'm a sucker for big, bouncy, voluminous hair, which I love to achieve with tapes. Can't wait to have you in my chair, have some laughs, and share the love of hair!


Katerina Franco

Junior Extension Stylist

Hey future bond babes, I'm Katerina, also known as "Kat." Fluent in both English and Spanish, I bring all the flavour to Bond Girl! When I'm not on the floor doing hair, you can catch me in the Caribbean working on my tan. My favourite method of extensions to do are keratin bonds because they're super lightweight, discreet, and customizable to each clients' needs. If you're looking for a stylist that chooses the best option to deliver your desired hair goal while keeping the integrity of your natural hair intact, I'm your girl! If you're ready to get your dream hair, chat, and sip a cappuccino, come take a seat in my chair!

Assunta Romeo

Hair Colourist

Assunta is our hair colourist.

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