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Extension Aftercare

Immediate Aftercare

  • Do not wash your hair or the extensions for 48 hours after installation.

  • You may experience a tension headache during the first few days after application; this is normal and will go away with time and wear.

Sleeping With Extensions

  • To ensure no matting or tangles it is imperative to ensure that your hair is completely dry (especially at the root) before going to bed. 

  • Hair should always be secured at the nape of your neck when sleeping. Pull back your hair into a lose ponytail or braid to prevent the hair from getting tangled. Do not sleep with a high ponytail or high bun as this can cause tension at the root and discomfort.

Brushing Your Extensions

  • Always brush your hair and the extensions with an extension friendly brush (we recommend the Tangle Teezer) row by row, brushing from the ends to roots while holding your hair in a ponytail and gently working your way up.

  • It is very important to brush above the extension attachment at the roots, to avoid any matting or tangles. This is completely safe to do if using an extension friendly brush.

  • Brush dry hair out completely before you shower and before you sleep. You should be brushing your hair at least 3 times a day.

Cleaning Your Extensions

  • To ensure your extensions will remain in good quality it is imperative to use sulfate free shampoos and conditioners. We  cannot guarantee the quality of the extensions if you do not use salon grade products.

  • Keep the hair CLEAN. We suggest that you wash your hair at least once or twice a week. When dirt accumulates, including sweat, hair is prone to tangles. It is safe to wash your hair as often as needed, as long as you are using the proper products.

  • It is very important to wash the hair in one direction, upright position. Never wash your extensions upside down.

  • Do not get conditioner or treatments on the bonds; it can cause the bonds to slide down and break down the bonds. When conditioning or using hair treatments keep them in your ends only.

  • We recommend Shampooing twice when washing the extensions to ensure all residue, dirt and oils, is removed from the scalp and point of attachment. Built up residue can result in irritation and discomfort.

General Care for Your Extensions

  • When swimming in chlorinated water, always wear a cap to prevent the hair from touching the chlorine.

  • If using a hot tub or sauna, ensure hair is up and do not submerge in water as this can break down the bonds and cause hair to dry and frizz. 

  • Overexposure to chlorine, sunscreen, tanning lotion, saltwater and sulfur from hot weather could break down the integrity of the bonds and lead to premature fall out or tangling. It can also cause the extensions to change color, just as natural hair can change color.

  • We highly advise NOT TO TINT, COLOUR, PERM or any other extra process to the hair extensions. If done, Bond girl is not liable for any damage that happens to your hair extensions.

  • Do not try to remove hair extensions yourself, it is HIGHLY advised all extensions are removed safely by trained professionals to avoid causing damage to existing hair. 

  • DO NOT flat iron or apply excessive heat to the bond itself. Remember that it was installed with heat!

  • For keratin bonds it is normal to lose up to 10-15 bonds a month.

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