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Not sure what method is best for you? Book a consultation and let us help you decide xo

Individual Bonded Extensions

Also known as fusions, hot fusions, or keratin tips, this method is tried, tested, and true. When installed correctly, bonds are lightweight, discreet, flexible, and durable. They’re attached by molding a keratin tip containing an individual bundle of hair around an equal amount of your hair.


  • Can be worn for 3-4 months straight with no maintenance.

  • Hair is NOT reusable.

Tape Extensions

You don’t need to get bonds to get that Bond Girl Hair! Lightweight, comfortable and re-usable, tape extensions are one of our most popular methods. They’re attached by sandwiching your hair between two tape panels.


  • Requires maintenance every 6-8 weeks.

  • Hair is reusable up to 8 months when properly cared for.

Removal & Maintenance

Tape Extensions  
Removal starts at $100+tax
Same-day tape lift (removal, wash & blow dry, reinstall, and style) *Price provided at consultation and is dependent on which stylist you see.*

Individual Bonded Extensions
Removal starts at $200+tax.

Roots & All-Over Colour

We can perfect your hair colour before your extension installation for the most natural-looking and seamless blend.

Roots starting at $75+tax

All-Over Colour starting at $120+tax


Nanoplastia is a revolutionary treatment that transforms frizzy, difficult and dull hair by repairing it from the cortex to the cuticle. Not only does it make your hair straighter, smoother, and shinier, saving you time on your blowouts but it also helps eliminate dandruff and promotes hair growth. The straightening effect is up to 100%, depending on colour and chemical history. Safe for pregnant, breastfeeding mothers as well as children ages 12 and up. Results typically last 4-5 months. This treatment is 100% formaldehyde FREE. 

Short, fine hair: $350+tax

Short, thick hair: $450+tax

Long, fine hair: $450+tax

Long, thick hair: $550+tax

Wash, Blowdry, Style

Treat yourself and enjoy the most-favourable salon wash escapade, let's face it - it's the best part.

Wash & Blowdry starting at $50+tax

Wash , Blowdry, Style starting at $75+tax

Dry Style: Stop by the salon with clean, fresh washed hair and we will take care of the rest. Starting at $50+tax

Book A Service

Please contact the salon directly for all booking inquiries. 


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