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About Us

Why Bond Girl?

We’ve been obsessed with extensions for a loooooong time (yes, pun intended).


Our goal is to make your hair dreams come true. So whether you’re looking to add a bit of length, a lot of volume, or you’ve been waiting your whole life to say “Long hair, don’t care.” and actually mean it, then you’ve come to the right place.​ We believe that extensions should be an extension of you. So everything we do, from custom ordering your hair, to selecting your ideal method of extensions, is all about matching your personal style, look, and hair goals. This is how we ensure seamless & natural looking extensions for every single one of our clients.

Yes, even you!

Let's Meet the Founder

Jessica Iozzo

Jessica Iozzo is a luxury hair extension specialist with over a decade of experience in the Hair & Beauty Industry. Founder & CEO of Award-Winning Bond Girl Hair, Jessica is one of the most skilled hair extension specialists in Toronto. Jessica has completed training with well-known celebrity hair stylists such as Chris Appleton and Priscilla Valles. Nominated and awarded for "Top Choice Hair Extension Salon in Toronto," for both 2022 and 2023, and featured in Hair Extension Magazine and Bellami Professional, she is inevitably a profound expert in her field, with a mission that far exceeds any of these titles.


Her passion and fervency for the industry and hair extensions is what powers Jessica to work meticulously toward transforming every client, ensuring they feel their most confident-self after their service. Jessica's ability to apply her decades of experience in combination with her proficiency to successfully communicate with clients is what allows her to create and achieve her client's overall hair goals. 

In 2013, Jessica courageously left her 9-5 and decided to follow her true passions to kick-start her career as a hair extension specialist. Jessica started taking clients in her own home and began to work her way up, overcoming obstacles and everything in between, leading her to where she is today - a full-time salon owner, mother, and wife, Jessica evidently does it all. 

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